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This flavorful Quinoa Salad is a delicious meal or side dish that I know you're going to love!

This quinoa salad is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian. But even if those things are not a concern for you, you'll love it because it's just plain delicious. It's also hearty, filling, and nutritious. And versatile: a southwestern quinoa salad is perfect for meal prep, pot lucks, side dishes or just as a meal on its own.



1 cup quinoa 1/2 red onion

50 grams goat cheese

arugula or spinach

1 carrot

1/3 eggplant



2 spoons honey

2 spoons mustard

2 spoons olive oil

1 spoon lemon juice


  • Boil the quinoa in salted water until tender - it took me 20 minutes. Drain on a sieve and rinse with cold water. Allow the water to drain completely.

  • Cut the eggplants into half circles about 5 mm thick. Fry on a grill pan or a regular pan with 1 tbsp. olive oil until ready for 5-6 minutes.

  • Cut carrot and red onion. All sauce ingredients beat until smooth. For this, use a whisk or a blender.

  • Mix all ingredients with sauce and it's ready to eat! You can add poached egg, seasoning or any additional product you like. Enjoy!

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